Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is It Cursed?

A: Nah.

Q: What Language/Engine is SS14 written in?

A: It’s written in C# using a hand made engine, RobustToolbox. C# is a good language and it’s pretty much perfect for the project. It’s quite fast but also very comfortable to write.

Q: Can I Help?

A: Sure you can. Hop on Discord or IRC and look at GitHub and our HackMD Wiki. We love new coders and will always answer questions and provide coding help!

Q: Are you Unitystation?

A: No. Unitystation is a completely different project with it’s own design decisions, goals, and runs on an entirely different engine.

Q: Will SS14 Support Multiple Codebases?

A: It already does! If you’re looking to start your own SS14 codebase fork the content repo and read the getting started guide.

Q: Is There a Patreon? Can I donate?

A: Yes. We started a Patreon in order to pay for productivity software, server hosting, work commissions, and more! In addition to providing rewards, we will also regularly post a financial statement that shows how our income is being used in the game’s development. We want to give our patrons full trust and confidence, and we believe that being 100% transparent about how the money is being used is best.

Q: Where can I play SS14?

A: Spacestation 14 is currently in a loosly defined “pre-alpha” stage. You can download the client right now and play on our servers, but it’s mainly for testing at the moment. A fair estimate of when the game will be ‘complete’ isn’t possible, though we will be releasing the game for free on Steam around fall of 2020 as we continue to work on it.