What is Space Station 14?

Space Station 14 (SS14 for short) is a community driven project to get the open source game Space Station 13 into a new engine and free from its current engine, BYOND. BYOND is an incredibly dated engine, and is not cutting it. It’s a pain to develop for, slow, proprietary, and looks like it’s from 2005. Along with this we will try to make the game more enjoyable all around, such as pixel movement and a consistent style.

Originally, the SS14 project was a continuation of Goonstation’s remake attempt, which was abandoned and open sourced on 19 of January, 2015.

Space Station 14 has been built from the ground to be fast, modular, cross-platform, as well as fully moddable and extendable. Anyone can add basic items or variations to the game via the easily accessible YAML prototype system, and with some knowledge of C#, add or modify even core functionalities and systems.


Currently, the project is in a “pre-alpha” state. We have many tasks ahead of us. On this website you will be able to find progress reports as long as we’re kicking.

Getting involved

Rome was not built in a day, and neither was SS14. We can always use extra hands! The entire project is open source and available on GitHub here:

We primarily communicate through Discord, although there is an IRC channel that’s connected to Discord with a bot.

We also have some other project services set up:

And have some general links to some related communities too: